West Coast Extreme Race
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Begin Your Race Adventure in the West

Great weather, unbelievable destinations, and many exciting and historic landmarks make this race a fan favorite! The West Coast race itinerary will take your team to several fantastic destinations throughout the many states that make-up the West Coast region. The moderate climate of the West Coast makes for premiere racing conditions every month of the year. www.tagheuerreplicauk.co.uk

  • Plan to spend nine days and eight nights living your extreme adventure! www.cartierreplicawatches.co.uk
  • The race itinerary consists of six days of racing competition and two days of rest and relaxation. rolex replica sale
  • Every afternoon your race will lead you to a remarkable destination somewhere within the West Coast. rolex replica sale
  • Don’t worry; you’ll have ample time for additional sightseeing and enjoying the nightlife in these fantastic locations. hublot replica uk
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