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Race FAQ
Race FAQ

The Extreme Race promises to deliver an exciting variety of tasks and challenges.  Challenges combine both physical and mental exercises that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  The Extreme Race is meant for everyone – regardless of physical or mental abilities and participants never have to complete tasks they are not comfortable it.

For Traveling Extreme Races

Will I know my daily itinerary?
No!  That’s part of the excitement of the Extreme Race!  You will receive a mission clue each morning of the race that will begin your adventure.  You will not know where the race adventures lead you, what challenges lie ahead, or how what transportation you will need!

How am I notified of where the race starts?
You will be contacted by the Extreme Team prior to the start of the race and be given your beginning airline/flight information as well as the location where you need to check in.

How do I know what to pack?
Once you have registered for the Extreme Race, you will receive a race packet in the mail outlining items to pack, how much luggage you are allowed to take, and the temperature ranges of the locations you may be visiting to help you guide your attire selections.

Are my meals included in my race registration?
Some of your meals are included, especially breakfast and some lunches.  Since each race itinerary is slightly different, your dining information will be included in race packet that is sent to you upon registration.

Will I need to worry about my luggage during the race?
No.  Our Extreme Team will do all the work for you!  Your luggage will be collected each morning of the race and taken to your final destination where it will be waiting for you to arrive.  Most teams utilize backpacks during the race days to ensure they have the proper items needed.

Can I use my camera, video cam, or cell phone during the race?
Absolutely!  We want you to capture your adventure any way you’d like!  The Extreme Team will be taking video footage throughout the race but individual racers are encouraged to bring their own equipment for their personal use.

For On-Site Extreme Races

How will I know what to expect during the on-site race?
Upon registration to an on-site race, you will be provided information on when/where to pick up your race packet. This packet contains all the information you need to get started on the on-site race experience, including your team number, Extreme Race t-shirt, and location of race starting point.

Does the race ever get cancelled?
Not unless there would be a natural disaster that would prohibit the race from occurring.  Rain or shine, the Extreme Race goes on!

What should I wear during the race?
Wear your Extreme Race t-shirt so spectators can cheer you on!  A good, comfortable pair of shoes is also recommended.  Missions include both mental and physical challenges where you may get wet, dirty or muddy so appropriate dress is advised.

Can I bring a backpack on the race?
Absolutely!  You may carry a bag or backpack during the race.  Bring some water too; you’re going to need it!

Can teams be disqualified from the race?
Yes!  Extreme Recreational Services retains the right to disqualify any team/participant without refund for obscene, indecent or other behavior disruptive to the event, staff, on-lookers or fellow participants.

When will I know if my team is the winner?
The top three finishing teams will be announced immediately following the race.  A complete list of teams will be posted on the website 48 hours after the race.