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United States
Extreme Race

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Each Traveling Extreme Race takes competitors across land and water spanning several states and multiple cities. Interactive itineraries offer fabulous destinations that promise to test your teamwork, mental and physical conditioning and true competitive spirit! [LEARN MORE]

Traveling European
Extreme Race

Traveling European Extreme Race

Extreme Race

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On-Site Extreme Racing is a fast-paced adventure where teams compete against each other with detailed missions, exciting and daring challenges, and several twists and turns guaranteed to test the limits of the teammates. [LEARN MORE]

United States Extreme Racing photos
Your European Race Adventure Starts Here!

The ultimate adventure product in extreme racing! The Traveling European Race is an action packed race across several fantastic European countries that will leave you breathless! Teams will travel to unbelievable destinations completing exciting missions and racing past cultural landmarks that most have only seen in magazines. [LEARN MORE]