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East Coast Extreme Race
East coast race photos

Begin your race adventure in the east

Amazing destinations, exciting locations and fast-paced adventure make this race another fan favorite! The East Coast race itinerary is a fast-paced adventure that will lead your team through historic sites and locations found on the East Coast. With many states and vibrant cities that comprise the East Coast, this itinerary is full of exciting twists and turns and is sure to exceed your adventurous spirit!

  • Prepare to spend eight days and seven nights fulfilling your quest for excitement!
  • The race itinerary consists of five days of head-to-head racing competition and two days of rest and relaxation.
  • Daily race destinations will surpass your wildest expectations as you’ll be ending every afternoon in incredible locations, leaving you plenty of time for additional sightseeing or adventure.
Since each day...
Start your Extreme Race Adventure right here!
East coast race photos

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